Valassky Pivovar Kozlovice – Wallachian brewery Kozlovice

Excellent beer and Czech specialties……I was recommended this place serve the best roast ribs… I have to say I have never had a better one. Menu was only in Czech I was glad we had a friend who placed the order…..

We tried the greatest popularity beers –  homemade yeast unfiltered lager of pilsner type – light Wallachian Duke and the dark Kozlovicky fojt . They are very good beers. Amazing…



Have a look at Menu before you decide to visit the place…but I can tell you now how incredibly delicious were roasted ribs …..

I have enjoyed  blueberry beer and kofola too….


Kofola is a Czechoslovak carbonated soft drink produced in Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is similar to Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Brewery Kozlovice Located in the original outbuildings of the old reeve.  Main building has dating back to 1822 . Basic features of the interior include the preservation of the original brick vaulted ceiling, together with elements of stone and wood.


Valašský pivovar
Kozlovice 1
739 47 Kozlovice

Czech Republic



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