The Finest Luxury Scented Candles – Fornasetti Astronomici

What would you say for Fornasetti candle this Xmas?  The most beautiful and luxury scented candles….Handmade, Italian artwork in ceramic jars. I love Astronomici scented candle.

This beautifully luxurious  Astronomici scented candle  has aroma of pine, clary sage and galbanum, blended with the smoky warmth and depth of cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood and amber. Smells like perfume.

Truly something special for Christmas…


Astronomici scented candle 300g costs £125.00 at Selfridges.





You can buy it here….


Other Fornasetti candles:


401-2001479-CAN300FL_M 401-2001479-CAN300LB_M


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