Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin -my new favourite

This is lovely gin – the nicest gin I have ever tasted.

It is  gently spiced and refreshing….Bottle is so beautiful makes a beautiful gift ……

Looks and tastes exotics….very aromatic and excellent!

Check out this website….and go on the journey with them to discover the flavours and inspirations….

Bon appetite…

Enjoy with me….


Pronounced “oh-peer”, this is a Gin for cardamom fans and those of you who love the flavours in chai tea.Its botanicals include spicy cubeb peppers from a Indonesian island, cardamom and tellicherry black pepper from Kerala, cumin from Turkey, juniper from Italy, coriander from Morocco and oranges from Spain. Cubebs are used to treat numerous ailments, and are reputed to be an aphrodisiac, to have magical powers, and to be helpful in warding off demons.Opihr Gin smells of the cocktail of spices it’s made with, especially the cardamom. Its distinct aroma is soft, rounded, complex and balanced. It tastes bright and fresh to start with – you can taste the orange and coriander. Its slightly sweet, with a spicy heat that builds gently, before fading into a long, soft finish of cardamom and juniper.



Do you know Opihr?

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