My first Yankee Candles

I bought many different candles for Christmas. I always wanted to buy Yankee Candles, but usually these were too expensive. This year Boots in UK had a Yankee Candles Star Gift for Christmas, and I was lucky enough to buy it half price. Lucky, because they had been sold out in just a few hours.

My house smells beautifully and it was a very good purchase this Christmas…I love them all!

The box contained:

Medium Jar – Christmas Eve

Small Jar – Winter Glow

Votive -x2 Bundle up

Votive – x2 Cosy by the fire

Tea light – x12 Christmas Eve

Tea light – x12 Christmas Cookie

Since 1969 Yankee Candles have been made using the finest ingredients from around the world, including natural extracts.

Are you fan of Yankee Candles?

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