Do you know Monica Vinader jewellery?

I am sure you are going to love her collections as I do.

Monica Vinader jewellery  is a British brand selling necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and friendship bracelets.

I am not going to lie…was just passing the store in Covent Garden in London. I  did not plan to buy anything  when entered the store. Just browsing the collection I did not know.


I saw this beautiful collection of charming bracelets… many stunning, attractive and dazzling jewellery.  Knew straight away I was going to buy something.

I was approached couple of times by lovely shop assistants and decided to try some jewellery .

Magnificent bracelet collection appeared to be so breathtaking and I could not resist to just try…..ok not only try……

Thinking …I could not possible leave with nothing………I was enchanted  and I purchased  bracelet which I absolutely love…….

So sexy, attractive and glorious…wrapped so beautifully…..

Finally…as a result!


My bracelet:

BAJA BRACELET18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver

Stone: White Chalcedony


Monica Vinader jewellery

BAJA BRACELET18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver

This Art Deco inspired bracelet features a striking geometric White Chalcedony gemstone set in 18ct Gold Plated Vermeil on Sterling Silver. The bar measures approximately 38mm x 6.5mm. A toggle slides to easily adjust the chain’s length for a snug fit.

You can wear layered with other Baja bracelets to create your perfect colour combination.

With all the glamour of the Art Deco period, Baja is a timeless collection of geometric gemstone and diamond designs.White Chalcedony, a type of Quartz found in both Brazil and India, is a nurturing stone that promotes goodwill and enhances stability. Only the whitest and most opaque stones are selected which have a waxy lustre.

BAJA BRACELET18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver

BAJA BRACELET18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver

BAJA BRACELET18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver

Monica Vinader jewellery


Have you fallen in love already?

In addition check other options Monica Vinader jewellery


Select stone: 

Monica Vinader jewellery

Green Onyx

Monica Vinader jewellery



Monica Vinader jewellery

Black Onyx


Monica Vinader jewellery

Grey Agate



Select Finish:

Sterling Silver

18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver

18ct Rose Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver


If you don’t know Monica Vinader I do recomend you to check her website…..and I am sure you are going to fall in love as I did…..You can customise your Monica Vinader pieces with a message, motif or hand-drawn doodle as a complimentary service…..I did not chose it…..but what a great idea!




Do you like Monica Vinader jewellery? Check her collection HERE.







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