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Eden Mill Love Gin

“Most gins are neutral spirits with added botanicals like juniper and cardamom. This simple description, however, doesn’t really explain the strange hold this particular clear liquor has on cocktail lovers all over the world. There’s an elegance and mystery about gin that lends itself to deeper exploration”.

This quote from an article in maxim.com somehow inspired me to go beyond the mainstream gins and start exploring. It is by all  means a fashion with all the gin bars and shops pop-ing up around us. Speaking to friend you are given various ideas and recipes for gin cocktails or G&Ts.

I purchased the Eden Love Gin in a little, local liquor shop as my hobby and I do really enjoy a G&T from time to time. However I was seriously surprised with the bouquet and flavour of this spirit. I hate neat spirits but…. I do enjoyed this one !!!!!

Love Gin is made with juniper, coriander seed and angelica as well as rhubarb root, rose petal, goji berry, elderberry, marshmallow root and raspberry leaf! It’s then infused with hibiscus flowers post distillation. It does taste spectacular in G&T, neat or on rocks. Little warning here – watch how much you drink as it is very easy to get carried away 🙂

This divine spirit is crafted in Eden Mill distillery in Scotland.

Beautiful bottle too….perfect for present!



Eden Mill Love Gin

Eden Mill Love Gin

Eden Mill Love Gin

Eden Mill Love Gin


Thanks so much for stopping by my friends. What is your  favourite Gin? Have you ever tried Eden Mill Love Gin?

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and maybe trying some Gin ?

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