Easter Eggs – painting fun time

As Polish tradition on Holy Saturday we prepare special Easter baskets. The baskets contain eggs, bread, meat, salt, horseradish and a figure of lamb made of sugar or cake, which represent the Lamb of God – Jesus Christ, then we take it  to the  catholic church where a priest blesses it with holy water. On Holy Sunday we eat the contents of the baskets.

Coloured  and decorated eggs are the symbol of Easter. Each Easter I put egg into boiling onion decoction to make a nice brown colour. You can put some elastic bands to make some nice prints. This year we decided to paint eggs. Kids loved it.  I am feeling Easter family time…..precious time.

Have a look and enjoy our coloured Easter Egg with us!

Happy Easter!











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  • The blessing of the Easter baskets - My Easter time. « Passion4luxus 16/04/2017 at 17:36

    […] The blessing of Easter baskets is my favourite Polish childhood tradition. When I was a child my mum used to coloured the eggs with me on Easter Saturday. We used to put some elastic bands around the eggs. We could get some really nice patterns…We always boiled our eggs in onion peels. Brown onions – brown colours, red onions – red colours….. In Poland decorated eggs we call Pisanki. I shared my lovely post about decorating last year….if you would like like to read it again click HERE.….. […]


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