I am a Butterfly……

Today I would like to show you Butterfly Top Blouse and amazing Finger Ring Boho.

I had been looking for some beach outfits for my holidays….and I fell in love with this top!

I think this long blouse is amazing!!!!I love the butterfly on my back with the gold chain attached….. It looks so cool and as soon I saw it I knew it was going to be my pick for my summer holidays.

It arrived really quick from online shop tosave.com…………It looks like I expected!

The butterfly is stunning…..It makes the back very sexy and sassy chic….

I love it!

Butterfly Top –HERE 

Butterfly top




Chain Hand  Bracelet Finger Ring Boho Jewelry –HERE

I am wearing it every day since it arrived. I have not saved it for my holidays as I planned…Hope you like it too!!!

It looks so gorgeous!!!!!



Let’s summer holiday roll on……..I am ready…..

Leave your comments below, I would love to hear what do you think……

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Happy treasure hunting at TOSAVE.COM




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