Acqua di Cedro liquore – lemons I love

Acqua di Cedro liquore – Yes, yes, yes…. this is a little gem from Italy that you need to learn about. It was given to me as a gift, the bottle is nearly empty and I want more !!!!

Acqua de Cedro liqueur from grappa producer Nardini  is made with cedro lemons.

Nardini describe this as “the noble cousin to limoncello”. Although similar in flavour profile, this is drier, in part due to the tart juice from the cedro lemons.



Acqua di Cedro liquore from amazing Nardini Destilleria a Vapore – “Intense, crystalline, and clean. Acqua di Cedro brings out all the freshness of the citron fruit, with its intense citrusy aroma. A clean, regenerating flavor like a gentle summer breeze.” I took this description from Nardini website and I have nothing to add. It tastes beautiful and it is best drank chilled or even in cocktails.

It is really worth checking Nardini distillery website where you can learn about Nardini family history and oooo yes…. there is even more liqueurs, grappas, aperitifs and bitters they offer.


                 Grapperia Nardini

Grapperia Nardini

                       Italy’s oldest distillery, in the family for seven generations.

I feel somehow obliged to try all their products and share my experience with you. What a challenge 🙂


Do you like liqueurs? I would love to hear your favourites….

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