My frustration hit the roof last year when I realised that my wife (Sylwia) is taking better quality holidays photos using her iPhone 6 with no effort then my Canon DSLR. I will not mention all the hassle with settings, apertures, ISOs etc. Obviously, you can say I am rubbish in taking photos and cannot use the technology and possibilities Canon offers. Yes, YOU ARE WRIGHT.

So, I have decided to revolutionize the way we memorise our holidays this year !!!!!!! After doing a bit of research on-line I went to Carrys and purchased GoPro Hero4 Silver super magic camera 😎




Now, I presume some of you may have no idea what GoPro is. In this case you better check this out. It is an absolutely amazing action camera and by all means a revolution in video and photo recording. The quality of picture up to 4K !!!!!, super wide angle, etc, etc (you can find specs in GoPro website) so you better watch some videos on YouTube and there is plenty of them. On top of that you can control your camera with an app and edit your videos in a software available from GoPro website.



The camera cost over  £270 but then I spend other £120 on all the extras you absolutely must have. The truth is you can spend fortune on accessories. I got only few essentials 😉

  • San Disc Extreme Micro SD memory card 64GB
  • Smatree Replacement battery (2-Pack) and 3-Channel chargerSmatree
  • SmaPole F1 Floating Hand Grip
  • Smatree® SmaCase G260sl-Medium Large Case for GoPro
  • Smatree® SmaPole X1 Aluminium Foldable Multi-functional Pole/Monopod
  • Smatree® 7 in 1 Accessories kit for Gopro Hero




The truth is, either this was totally waste of money or we are going to have the most amazing record of our holidays this year.

I will let you know…..

Artur P.



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