Carolina Herrera – my shopping in Bicester Village

One of my favourite shop in Bicester Village is Carolina Herrera.

There is always so beautiful and very femine collection, and I always find lots of cloths which I really adore.

The staff is so pleasant and I feel very looked after. I always feel I can spoil myself there.

This time it was a very quick glance, as I was not planning to shop for myself. Could not resist this 2 amazingly beautiful t-shirts.

I knew straight away, they are going to fit perfectly, and they did.

I grabbed quickly some trousers….and without a doubt they where like just waiting for me, ideal! The prices were not that expensive as it is an outlet.


Carolina Herrera collection is always chic and elegant and this is why I love shopping there.

The quality is amazing  and I am never disappointed, whatever I buy there. It is also  important that all products come from Carolina Herrera  original shops. They are not prepared just for outlet to make the price cheaper, so the quality can be worse. This is happening for some designed brands to keep price down.




If you are going to Bicester Village don’t miss Carolina Herrera shop!

To see my Xmas post and how you can get there click here.

Love to shop there.

Have you ever been to Bicester Village?


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